Yourself > Absolutely Anything Else: What You Need to Know About Self-Care

What is Self-Care 

Self-care can prevent disease or pain, promote and maintain good health, and cope with a particular illness or disability with or without support from professionals. Each person has their unique form of self-care, physical, mental, and spiritual. What’s important is that we recognize these as a form of healing and encourage people to exercise this practice for their well-being.

Factors to consider 

  • Physical self-care
    • When people talk about self-care, most people would think “exercising,” “sleeping early and for at least 8 hours a day,” “drinking proper amounts of water,” “eating healthy food at least three times a day,” etc. All of these notions are correct. However, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg! You could do more for your physical health, especially if you know what your body needs. Here are some examples that you could try out.
      • Adhering to a beauty regimen, i.e., Korean beauty regimen, celebrity-approved beauty regimens;
      • Trying out a new scent;
      • Committing to a new exercise regimen that suits your body type and your schedule;
      • Getting a massage or having a day out to go to the spa;
      • Meditating;
      • Trying out yoga and enhancing your flexibility; 
      • Eating healthy food that you usually don’t eat or that you would like to try; 
      • Easing yourself away from your vices and into a complete cessation instead of trying to quit cold turkey;
      • Drinking your vitamins regularly; 
      • Being mindful of and fixing your posture, among many.  
    • You must always consider that too much, or too little of some sort of physical activity may have adverse effects on your health. To illustrate, regular exercise is beneficial for the body. However, if you force an unsuitable exercise regimen into your body, you would most probably experience excruciating muscle sores. These muscle sores would then discourage you from exercising altogether. So keep in mind to practice moderation at all times. 
  • Mental self-care
    • Self-care isn’t exclusive to the physical aspects of our lives. Mental health also benefits a great deal when we practice self-care. Nowadays, we’ve been more conscious of our mental well-being, and honestly, it’s about time that we did. Our mental health helps us keep our focus as it includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also determines if we are always able to bring our 100% to the table at all times. Mental self-care focuses on handling stress, relating and communicating effectively with others, and making choices. Even if you’re physically healthy, a mental breakdown could result in a domino effect that would gravely affect your overall well-being. 
    • The worst-case scenario when ignoring our mental well-being is the development of mental illnesses. To avoid the occurrence of these illnesses, we may practice the following: 
      • Avoid your triggers;
      • Try your best to control your alcohol cravings (if there is);
      • Take a breather;
        • It’s better not to let your emotions get the best of you. 
      • Drop everything and just do the things that would make you happy, calm, and peaceful;
      • Avoid burnouts; 
      • Follow the rule of thirds: dedicate a third of your day for sleep, a third of your day for work, and the final one for everything else that makes you happy.

How to practice self-care 

  1. Know what makes you happy and do it.
  • The first thing to consider in practicing self-care is to be absolutely and unapologetically you. No one else should have a say in how you take care of yourself, so pay no mind to other people. Self-care is something that you should have very intimately and privately with yourself to achieve tangible and beneficial results. To know what makes you happy, you must know what your preferences are.
  1. Discover new things.
  • More often than not, we stick to what we know best. Though that’s a pretty good thing to do to avoid making mistakes, it makes life a little dull. I’m sure you’d want to live your life to the fullest, right? Then try new things! It’s a great thing to understand your preferences, but this could turn into a thousand times better if you give yourself a chance to experience new things. 
  1. Track your habits. 
  • To see the results of the new changes that you’re making for yourself, you need to be consistent. You can do this by creating a daily habit tracker, either installed on your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or handwritten in a journal. From the day you’ve started tracking your new habits, you will be more and more determined to become consistent with the things that you do for yourself as each day passes by. You will also notice and appreciate more the improvements you’ve made for yourself by doing so. Finally, you will also understand that personal growth won’t be achieved unless you work hard for them and exert consistency. 

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