Taking Your Palate to another Dimension with the Perfect Snack and Witty Koi Tea Pairings

What is Tea Pairing?

Bernard Lahousse defines tea pairing as “a sensory experience that explores the dynamic between the aromas and flavours we find in teas and food.” This definition is indeed true as tea pairing is an avenue for us to enhance both our dining and tea tasting experiences to its highest possible level. Ultimately, the essence of tea pairing is to genuinely enjoy both the food we eat and the tea we drink. This blog contains a list of our tea products, in-depth descriptions of each of its ingredients, and its perfect snack pairing. 

  • 2 a day with mango  
        • With green tea and mango being its only ingredients, you could already imagine the sweet and tangy mango balancing out the distinct and bold flavour of the green tea. Witty Koi suggests pairing this kind of tea with a fruit salad like a Fruit Compôte, a snack made by cooking fruit in sugar syrup. The Fruit Compôte can be very sweet depending on the kind of fruit you choose, making it a perfect pairing with 2 a day with mango as the green tea will wash away and balance out any excess sweetness. The tea balances out the sweetness of the compôte so that you don’t get tired of eating the compôte quickly. Believe it or not, it is relatively easy to prepare this snack as you can use any fruit of your preference, and you don’t need much to make one at home. If you have fruits lying around at home, don’t let them go to waste! You just have to keep in mind that the sweetness of the Compôte will depend on the kind of fruit you choose. When cooking your Fruit Compôte, remember that it will rapidly thicken as it cools. You may add a splash of water or any juice of your liking to loosen the mixture to modify this. 
  • monday morning… again?
        • Is every day feeling like Monday? There might be something wrong going on in your routine! Try pairing our monday morning… again? tea with something healthy to keep you stocked up on nutrients. Witty Koi suggests the Bitter-Greens Salad with melted cheese. This snack is easy to prepare and only requires a few ingredients. This tea contains eleuthero and yerba mate, which are two considerably bitter ingredients. Paired with bitter greens, we believe that this is a perfect match. But don’t worry, this is not at all going to be as bitter as you’d expect. We still have the dried spearmint ingredient for the tea to freshen things up and the orange rooibos to give a light, nutty, and earthy sweetness to your palate. In the end, the flavors will be well accounted for as soon as the saltiness of the cheese hits your tastebuds. You may use shredded or grated cheese that suits your liking. 
  • pina colada but make it, tea. 
        • Pina colada but make it, tea is one of our most tropical tea flavors yet. Its ingredients involve the marriage between sweet elements such as honeybush, coconut flakes, pineapple and mango pieces, and more floral and earthy elements such as linden blossoms and passionflower. Reading about these flavors takes you to a sunny and joyful place, right? But to make things more exciting, we recommend pairing this with Pineapple, Quinoa, and Almond Energy Balls. This grab-and-go snack is rich in vitamin C and packed with citrusy flavors, which match the pina colada but make it, tea ideally. The quinoa and almonds not only provide you with a valuable protein component and healthy fats to ensure that you’re full until your next meal it also goes well with the floral and earthy tones of the linden blossoms and passionflower. 
        • In its caffeinated version, however, Ceylon Black tea is one of its ingredients. The bold, brisk, and full flavours of the Ceylon Black tea call for a heavier and protein-rich snack, and what better snack suits this description than the Croque Monsieur? Compared to other Ceylon teas, the Ceylon Black tea has a milder flavour because it is fully fermented, which allows you to appreciate the ingredients of the Croque Monsieur with each bite. Though pina colada but make it, tea errs to the tropical side; the Ceylon Black tea component weaves into the Croque Monsieur’s flavours. 
  • send nudes (1) attachment 
        • Do you want to turn a regular day into Valentine’s Day? Then we suggest you pair our send nudes (1) attachment tea with Chocolate-covered Strawberries topped with Pistachios. This Valentine’s Day staple has never faltered in its ability to bring romance despite not being proven to be aphrodisiacs. You may buy chocolate-covered strawberries from the store at a reasonable price. But if you want to take your alone time with your lover to the next level, we suggest that you prepare this snack with them. You may choose to sprinkle on some pistachios to promote better blood flow. Studies have shown that men who regularly consume pistachio nuts have firmer erections than those who don’t. The floral and earthy notes of numerous ingredients like the Maca root powder, rose petals, and ginger root match well with the pistachio nuts. On the other hand, the sweetness of the cinnamon and the bittersweet beetroot and cacao nibs amplify the fruity sweetness of the strawberries to a great extent. If you’re not a fan of bitter beverages, this snack and tea pairing is most suitable for you and your partner. 
  • when your cramps feel like an ovary war 
      • Most ladies tend to stock up on chocolate bars during their monthly cycle. However, regret comes forth instantaneously after consuming one too many chocolate bars, causing hormonally-induced emotional breakdowns. We don’t want that, don’t we? Instead, we suggest you try Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites. Dark chocolate is exceptionally beneficial when you’re on your period because of its lower sugar content. Plus, it’s relatively easy to make at home as it only requires five key ingredients: maple syrup or honey, vanilla extract, coconut shreddings, melted dark chocolate, and coconut oil. You can snack on these bites without feeling guilty about consuming too much chocolate. Witty Koi’s when your cramps feel like an ovary war tea contains cramp bark and motherwort, which are known to be reasonably bitter, making dark chocolate a very suitable partner. And with chamomile and red raspberry leaf being sweet and bittersweet, respectively, we believe that these ingredients will make the sweetness of the coconut shreddings and the maple syrup/honey vanilla. You might even get a hint of the spearmint in the tea, which for sure would provide you with a refreshing feeling with every sip. 

    The bottom line 

    Of course, preferences vary from one person to another as different people have more sensitive palates. Remember to choose pairings depending on your budget, lifestyle, and convenience when it comes to the preparation of these snacks. Ultimately, Witty Koi could only suggest particular food and tea pairings. It is up to you to try out different pairings that suit your liking.