Medi-TEA-tion: Why You Should Always Pair Meditation with Tea Drinking

What is meditation? 

Meditation is an avenue that allows you to turn your negative perceptions of yourself, other people, or the world into an amicable and open-minded viewpoint by discovering inner harmony. It is a process that enables you to get in touch with a healthier sense of perspective. Some people associate meditation with different kinds of religious practices. However, it aims more to becoming self-aware and to unearth peace. To become comfortable meditating, consistency and dedication must be observed. Different meditation styles require different skills and mindsets. If you consider trying out meditation, remember that not all of these styles are right for everyone. You should be ready to explore different things so that you too could get to know more about yourself. 

When is the best time to meditate?

A lot of people speculate that there is an optimal time for meditation. However, it is important to remember that you must develop a schedule that works best for you. This is because you could meditate at any time and for as long as you please! Choose a schedule that your body agrees with and a schedule that allows you to become consistent. 

Which Witty Koi Tea is best to drink before you start your meditation? 

With health problems being a universal thing, Witty Koi’s goal is to find the exact verbal explanation for the healing you need. Witty Koi has a variety of teas that target specific health needs. To determine which tea is best to couple with your meditation, we’ve prepared a preview of our best-sellers! 

Do you experience indigestion? Our 2 a day with mango tea would work best for you! It also helps promote brain functions and benefits eyesight. If you also live an active lifestyle, this tea is also perfect for you as it helps burn fat. 

If you experience insomnia, our inZOMBIEa. Sleep. tea will help you sleep like a baby every night as it promotes a peaceful, deep, and restful sleep. Its ingredients include lavender, which is a well-known ingredient that fights difficulty in sleeping. 

Do you just hate Monday mornings? We do too! So, if you require an energy boost, our monday morning… again? tea has got you covered. This tea is also highly recommended if you are experiencing difficulty in focusing. Don’t let your busy schedule get the best of you!

Allergies acting up again? We get you! Our pina colada but make it, tea reduces nasal congestion and alleviates respiratory symptoms. And what’s more? It could come in caffeinated or non-caffeinated versions! We understand that different people have different health needs and we’re ready to give you these options. 

Need something to spice up things in bed? Try our send nudes (1) attachment tea! It is made specifically for sexual enhancement and endurance. Its ingredients benefit the heart by promoting better blood flow. In doing so, these ingredients would greatly improve your and your partner’s sexual experience by heightening the sensitivity of your reproductive organs. 

If it’s that time of the month again and when your cramps feel like an ovary war, the best thing to do is drink this tea! This tea does not just relieve cramping, it also tones the uterus and promotes overall wellness and balance. So if you often feel beat up during your monthly cycle, this tea will help you conquer the things you’ve put your mind to without having to worry about the pains of being a woman. 

Ever catch a cold and think, regret that time you took breathing for granted? This tea is perfect for those with cold and flu symptoms as it also addresses respiratory symptoms and reduces nasal congestion. This tea will provide you with relief and nurse you back to recovery in no time! 

Several tips if you’re new to meditation 

  • Try meditating alone. But don’t forget to try meditating with a group, too! Again, it’s all about finding what’s best for you 
  • It is important not to let your emotions hinder you from meditating. Joyful days may motivate you to meditate, but darker days are when you actually need it. Always remember to be consistent so that you could turn it into a habit and eventually, a lifestyle.
  • Do not fear your thoughts. Let your mind wander. You cannot tap into who you are by refusing to think about the thoughts that need to be addressed. Be brave and embrace these thoughts! Besides, these thoughts make up who you are. 
  • Meditation and tea drinking could be most effective when you drink the variety of tea that you prefer. 

How do drinking tea and meditating benefit your overall health?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with a greater need to bypass stress. Meditation addresses this issue by enabling us to dig deep into our mentalities so that we could filter out the thoughts that need attention from the toxic thoughts that could harm us. On the other hand, numerous studies have shown that drinking tea greatly reduces stress and has numerous health benefits. By combining the two, it must be the winning formula! It isn’t at all odd to pair meditation with drinking tea because meditation does not mean sitting still and thinking. By all means, you could meditate while enjoying a nice cup of tea. 

The bottom line 

Meditation, together with tea drinking, should be considered as a lifestyle because it keeps you tapped into your inner self at all times. It enables you to sort out your emotions so you can direct your energy towards productivity and positivity. If you consider yourself to be an ill-tempered person, then it should push you more towards meditation. If you have some insecurities that you want to get rid of, finding clarity and understanding how your brain functions could lead you to the solution. Ultimately, meditation benefits people especially their mental health. So why not try coupling meditation with tea drinking to uphold overall health and well-being?